Wednesday 08/29/2018  - New Löchel Mixer has arrived

From August 29 to September 2 Löchel Metallurgical will present, at the 84th Farm Exhibition of Río Cuarto, the new Mixer of 6 m3. With more than a year of field tests, the new model has exceeded the expectations of the farmers in terms of its robustness and minimum maintenance


Wednesday 06/07/2017  - Löchel Metallurgical will participate in the 1st Industrial Fair of Río Cuarto

The company will present some of its machinery in the 1st Industrial Fair that takes place in the city of Río Cuarto, which will have the presence of prominent speakers, tending to give greater impetus and preponderance to the industrial sector of the region.


Tuesday 11/29/2016  - The new 4-row potato planter was presented at Expo Córdoba

In Expo Córdoba, Metalúrgica Löchel presented the new model of 4-row potato planter, with greater load capacity, electric clutch, and the experience of many years to obtain a product according to the demands of the farmers

Monday 08/01/2016  - New 3-row Ridging Hiller for Onions

The new 3-row Ridging Hiller for onions developed by Löchel Metallurgical can also be used in 6-row potato allowing reduce costs.


Wednesday 03/16/2016  - Löchel Metallurgical will participate in the 39th Potato Festival in the city of Otamendi

Löchel Metallurgical, through its zonal partner, Miguel Tambascio Machinery, will be present with our machines. In this occasion, we present the improved model of the Haulm Topper with double control, the improved model of the potato harvester, and the prototype of the new 4-row potato planter that promises to be a success.


Monday 09/14/2015  - Löchel Metallurgical at EduCoAgro 2015

Löchel Metallurgical, with our partner Miguel Tambascio, was present at an exhibition that, in its 2nd year of completion, increasingly captures the interest of a large part of the community. Projects related to the agricultural value chain, new machinery, etc. were presented. Löchel Metallurgical presented his new models of potato machines.


Friday 05/01/2015  - Löchel Metallurgical will be present at Expo Santa Rita, Paraguay

Löchel Metalurgical will be present, together with the ProCórdoba agency, in a round of business in Expo Santa Rita, Paraguay. Our goal is to bring farmers from the neighboring country the well-known machines we manufacture


Monday 11/18/2013  - Löchel Metallurgical will be present at Agropapa 2013

Metalúrgica Löchel will be present at Agropapa 2013 together with its line of agricultural machinery for potato cultivation. In addition, in this case a dynamic sample will be made where we will show farmers the benefits and tecnology of some of our products.


Monday 02/18/2013  - Agrotekne, contributes with Metalúrgica Löchel for the application of planting monitors

Agrotekne, together with Metalúrgica Löchel applied monitors and elements to seed potatoes with high precision and technology. Our commitment is to equip the machines with what is necessary to improve the development and application of potatoes. The firm Agrotekne has already advanced different trials that were demonstrated in the field the last days of January with a good concurrence of farmers.


Friday 09/07/2012  - Metalúrgica Löchel will be awarded with the Popularity Cup 2012

The Association of Business Managers (ADE) finalized the survey where Metalírgica Löchel was chosen as the most recognized firm in its field.

Monday 08/06/2012  - Löchel Metallurgical will present this month its NEW Ridging Hiller

Strengthening each day as a leading company in the segment, Metalúrgica Löchel, has debeloped and manufactured a very reliable and versatile machine. Its launch will take place in Balcarce with our partner.

Monday 12/12/2011  - Löchel Metallurgical visited Agritechnica 2011, in Hannover, Germany

The president of the company, Víctor Löchel, with an Argentine delegation, traveled to Hannover to the most important exhibition in Europe with the purpose of becoming familiar with the current and new trends in technology in agricultural machinery.


Monday 05/09/2011  - Löchel Metallurgical participates in the Business Management Program

The company currently participates with several companies in a program of associativity of companies with the aim of taking a step forward in terms of quality and service to our customers


Sunday 06/27/2010  - Löchel Metallurgical awarded by the Industrial Union of Córdoba

 The company is currently participating in the SME Quality program carried out by the Industrial Union of Córdoba and has successfully completed the first stage of it