Haulm Topper with double transmission

The Löchel Haulm Topper with double transmission has a robust chassis and blades of different lengths that adapt to all types of ridge and different types of applications, on and between the rows. The double command allows a longer life of the belts and considerably reduces vibration. More

2-row Windrower

The new 2-row windrower, designed with wheels and chains with special rubber belt, reliability and low maintenance also with high output More

Mixer LO6000

The ideal Mixer for large cattle breeders that require a reliable and robust machine. More

Grain Crusher

The most reliable machine for fattening your livestock. It is manufactured with selected materials of high quality to ensure efficient operation for many years. see more More

2-row Potato Planter - SP2SAR

Lightweight in design, adequate load capacity and proven robustness in construction make it an efficient planter for many years. More

Ridging Hiller

The Ridging Hiller is designed to adapt to all types of soil. Its hydraulic system avoids the accumulation of ground at the end of the furrow and its system of flexible fences allows an optimum ridging. More

Mixer LO2500

The ideal Mixer for livestock or pig breeders. By means of its three steel spiral it performs an homogeneous mixing and the discharge belt allows an homogeneous ration in the feeders. More

4-row Potato Planter - SP4S

The automatic 4-row Potato Planter SP4S is a machine with more than 20 years of development and accumulated experience, suitable for medium and large extensions. More

Three-point linkage "Rock" 2-row Potato Planter - SP2CO

The Three-point linkage "Rock" 2-row automatic Potato Planter is the option for stone and irregular terrains thanks to the reinforced and compact chassis, and with strong bars, which makes it a very robust machine. More

Three-point linkage Windrower NEW

The Löchel three-point linkage windrower is a machine with a robust chassis and a simple design. Harvest all kinds of potatoes without unleveling the terrain More

Three-Ponit Linkage 2-row Potato Planter - SP2

The three-point linkage 2-row automatic potato planter SP2 is a compact machine with disc sowing train, which makes it a light machine for any tractor, even low power. More